So, last night was another eventful night in the NBA. There were not any owners dunking or introductions of new mascots that look like they could be on the cover of cereal box, but there were great NBA games on. The Boston Celtics won their 12th straight game at home against the red-hot Portland Trail Blazers. Rookie R.J. Hunter also had like the worst thing ever happen to him, which you can see below.

Below are basically my high-five reaction all-stars from this season and the past. You make the list depending on how great, funny, and creative your reaction is to receiving or not receiving a high-five. Below are the different types of categories.

The Rookies Don’t Deserve High-Five Guy

The NBA is the sport where most of the teams have stars, and we have seen many times that sometimes, stars are not about that high-five life. Isaiah Thomas was pumped that his team was dominating and that he had a great game, so no way was he going to high-five a rookie. Hunter’s reaction was pretty classic though, basically making a facial expression like “alriighttt……”, and leaving his hand up to make it look like there was something wrong with his hand.

Thomas did apologize after the game for leaving Hunter hanging.

Part of this section will also include this amazing rookie to star handshake between Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne. This handshake is awesome, and since Payne is not get much playing time anymore, fans should always pay attention to the pregame handshake between these two.


The High-Five For Energy Guy

Russell Westbrook is literally the craziest man in the NBA and if I was going to war with another country, he would be my super soldier cause he is relentless and freakishly athletic. He feeds off energy, so when a player did not give him a high-five coming to the bench, he made sure to stop and get a high-five. Gotta respect his hustle, I would not want to be the dude that did not give Westbrook the high-five.

The High-Five Yourself Guy

Then there is Kosta Koufos, who has the best reaction to a non-high-five in my opinion. I would react in the same exact way if I lent a hand out to friend in need with a high-five, but he was like nahhhhhh, then I would dap myself up. Sometimes if I see a buddy pretty far away but I want to say high, I’ll pretend that we dapped each other up by dapping myself up.

The Too Cool High-Five Guy

The fan just wanted some love from Andre Iguodola, but Iggy was not about that life at all. The fan literally high-fived the air, I would have done the exact same thing. Come on Andre do not leave my dude hanging like that.


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